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Look&Feel - A Braun Brush Company Material Guide
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Look&Feel - A Braun Brush Company Different bristles have different properties.
It is vital to select the correct type of hair for the application of cosmetics, depending on the desired effect. The type of hair fiber selected generally determines the overall value of your brush. Keep in mind, though, that some brushes can also be made with a combination of hair types.

The hair fibers offered are processed, graded, and expertly dressed by professionals. Our natural hairs are imported from China, Japan and Europe.

Our complete selection of natural and synthetic fibers:
Natural Hair

Natural hair has a center structure known as the medulla. The medulla is covered by a thick sheath called the cortex and is layered by a cuticle. The inherent advantage of natural hair is that it has scales (cuticle) which traps the makeup on the bristles. Upon application, the makeup is released. Each type of natural animal hair will demonstrate its own spring based on its shape. Hairs can also have a natural flag at the tip. Another benefit of natural hair is that it will get softer with use.

  • The soft, two-toned grayish brown hair that is typically found in high-end brushes used for powder, blushers, eye brushes and fan shaped brushes
  • Demonstrates excellent spring-back
  • Imparts a natural, sheer dusting of shimmer powders and bronzers
Super soft goat/capra
  • Available in black, white or brown hairs - a commonly used bristle that combines softness and strength
  • Used for powder, blushers, eye brushes and fan shaped brushes
  • The first cut is used, which is hand crafted into the softest powder and blush brushes. (Automated cutting would damage the hair tips, and is the mark of a lower quality brush.)
  • While goat hair lacks spring, the fine point and uniform body compensate. These hairs have individual scales and small pockets that can trap powders
Soft Goat
  • These black hair fibers have similar properties as the Super Soft goat, but are just a step below in quality
  • Used for powder, blushers, eye brushes and fan shaped brushes
  • The name “Sable” refers to the marten zibellina, a small animal from the weasel family .
  • Also chosen for it’s spring, and ability to return quickly to it’s original shape and point. The pear shape of the hair provides this excellent spring.
  • Very similar to pure kolinsky, but climate not as cold, so hair is shorter, animal is more readily available.
  • Red sable includes ‘seconds’ of the kolinsky and hair from the weasel. They tend to be thinner.
  • Red sable has slightly less spring, is a bit stiffer, tips are a little blunter.
  • Brown sable (not red or kolinsky) are made of hairs obtained from varieties of the marten, or are left over from the production of other sable brushes.
  • The quality of “Sable/Brown Sable” quality ranges from a brush that is virtually useless, to an adequate student-grade brush.
  • Pony hair comes in a wide variety of grades. Many people associate the word “pony” with “cheap”. However, very soft pony hair can be found, and the best is from Canada.

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Some advanced synthetic bristles now mimic the look and feel of a natural hair - they can be wavy, flagged, and even the color can vary. Synthetic fibers will not “absorb” makeup - liquid or powder - nearly as well as natural hairs. Synthetic brushes are typically used for liquid or cream foundations. In contrast to natural hairs, they also will become stiffer with use. However, synthetic bristles are not prone to triggering allergic reactions as natural hairs might.

The most common synthetic nylon bristles used for cosmetic brushes are the Japanese Toray and Teijin. They are available in a variety of textures and colors, and closely mimic the spring, strength and fine tips of natural hairs.

  • The best quality synthetic fiber
  • Retains original shape after use and gives correct degree of strength and spring
  • Gold, and wine red colors available
  • Very shiny, finely textured hairs
  • Has very good strength and spring
  • White and gold colors available
Synthetic Taklon
  • The most economical choice for your cosmetic brushes
  • Retains a good tip, but has limited strength and spring
  • Gold, white and colors available
Ruby Cell
  • The Japanese ruby cell cosmetic applicator is made of high quality latex (an inferior material is the widely used sponge from Korea)

General Tip: The more tapered a hair is, the more spring it will have - but the less elasticity. A bristle with a thick belly and thin tip is best for applying powders.

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  • Brass ferrules are made in a modern manufacturing plant with high stress on dimensional accuracy and perfect surface finish
  • Brass is the strongest alloy compared to aluminum
  • Double crimped and seamless, the epoxy set bristles will be held firmly to the handle with this ferrule
  • Brass is plated to avoid corrosion
  • Color choices range from nickel plated, matte nickel, copper plated brass, and gold plated brass.
  • Aluminum alloy is mixed with other metals to create a ferrule as strong as the brass
  • Anodizing with different colors expands your choices
  • Easily can be made into all possible shapes and sizes
  • Your least costly option in ferrule choice
  • Color choices range from deep gold anodized, silver, brass, along with a wide range of colors.

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Natural Birchwood handles are made from CITES approved wood plantations. The convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is a global treaty whose aim is to ensure international trade of listed animals and plants is legal and based on sustainable use. The wood plantations re-grow the trees that are used in these handles.

A wide variety of colors is at your fingertips to match your spa, salon or company’s image. The paint used also conforms to American & European safety standards.

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Look&Feel - A Braun Brush Company
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